Membership Costs

Ordinary (full) membership – £30.00 per annum

Concessionary rate (Students and retired members) – £10.00 per annum.

Retired membership – this will be granted by the committee to members of the society upon satisfactory proof of status. Retired members will be able to attend meetings at the concessionary rate granted to student members.

Joining Procedure

Please complete and submit the electronic application form (link below).

Applicants normally require the support of two existing BSMB Members. Please enter the names and email addresses of two BSMB Members on the form.

Applicants who are not able to identify BSMB members to support their application must supply the name and email address of their Head of Department, line manager or supervisor. They must also supply a brief CV, which can be uploaded in a variety of file formats, such as a Word document or pdf file.

Students must also supply their supervisors name and email address, to certify their student status. This person may also be one of their sponsors.

We request that you enter your UK bank account details on the form . These details are private and will not be stored by us on any database. They will be used to automatically generate a Bankers Standing Order form, which will be sent back to you when your application is approved. It is your responsibility to send this to your bank, to set up a Standing Order to pay your subscription on or soon after 1st January in subsequent years.

Please make sure to send a cheque or bankers draft in GB Pounds for your first years subscription to the BSMB Treasurer.

Note that applications made in the last 3 months of the year (1st October to 31st December) will not require payment of that year’s subscription. Payment will be required for the full amount of the fees due in the next calendar year (1st January onwards). The benefits of membership will apply from the date that your application is approved.

Applicants from outside the UK without a UK bank account will need to declare this on the form by ticking a check box. These applicants need to consult the Treasurer for alternative forms of payment; either by bank transfer or by credit card. Please note: membership rates for payment with a credit/debit card are £32.50 or £12.50 per annum for ordinary (full) and concessionary members respectively.

Approval of your application is at the discretion of the Society, dependent on fulfilment of our membership criteria and subject to receipt of the appropriate payment.

Submit Membership Application