Previous BSMB Meetings (since 2000)


Meeting Title & Organizers Venue Details

Autumn 2013

September 2-3rd

Under pressure: the cell's response

Organised by Emma Blain and Sophie Gilbert

University of Cardiff Programme

Spring 2013

March 25-26th

Epigenetics in Matrix Biology and Disease

Organised by Chris Murphy

University of Oxford


Autumn 2012

September 3-4th

Tendinopathy - from basic science to treatment

Organised by Graham Riley

University of East Anglia, Norwich



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Spring 2012

April 4-6th

Matrix Molecular Biology: Integrator of Tissue Function and Disease

- A Joint Meeting with the German Society for Matrix Biology

Organised by Philippa Hulley and Mandy Plumb

University of Oxford



Autumn 2011

September 8-9th

Matrix signals! - Cell matrix interactions in health and disease

Organised by David Young and Drew Rowan

University of Newcastle



Spring 2011

April 11-12th

Advances in musculoskeletal repair and regeneration

Organised by Wa'el Kafienah and Anthony Hollander

Wills Hall, University of Bristol



Autumn 2010

September 6-7th

Inflammation Meets Matrix Biology

Organised by Jelena Gavrilovic

University of East Anglia, Norwich



Autumn 2010

September 8th

Satellite Meeting: Tendon Biology and Pathology

Organised by Graham Riley

University of East Anglia, Norwich



Spring 2010

March 29-30th

Vascular Matrix in Health & Disease

Organised by: Ann Canfield and Anna Fildes

Hulme Hall, Manchester



Summer 2009

June 14-16th

Bone and Cartilage Biology - lessons from development, vascular interactions and dysplasias - jointly with the Bone Research Society.

Organised by: Tim Arnett, Andy Pitsillides, Sanjeev Patel, Tonia Vincent

UCL London



Autumn 2008,
September 8th - 9th

Cartilage metabolism and cell based therapies for tissue regeneration.

Organised by Emma Blain, Bruce Caterson, Vic Duance and Clare Hughes

University of Cardiff Programme

Spring 2008

April 7-8th

When, why and how did my cartilage go? Insights into osteoarthritis.

Organised by Philippa Parsons and Liz Hutson 

University of York Programme
Autumn 2007
September 3-4th

Shaping and Sensing the Extracellular Matrix

Dr Nikki Kuiper

University of Keele Programme
Spring 2007
April 2-3rd

Matrix turnover - Mechanisms and Common Denominators

Dr David Buttle
A meeting part-organised and supported by the Biochemical Society

Sheffield Hallam University Programme
Autumn 2006
September 5-6th

The Multi-dimensional Matrix

Dr Drew Rowan and Dr David Young

University of Newcastle Programme
Spring 2006
April 10-11th

Proteases: the cutting edge of cell biology

Dr Graham Riley and Professor Gill Murphy

Queens' College, Cambridge Programme
Autumn 2005
September 12-13th

Pathobiology of Bone and Cartilage

Dr. Mike Briggs and Dr Ray Boot-Handford. 
A meeting to mark the retirement of Professor Mike Grant

University of Manchester Programme
Spring 2005
March 21-22nd

Collagens - from genes to fibrils

Dr Anne Vaughan-Thomas. 

University of Liverpool Programme
Autumn 2004
September 13-14th

Cell Based Therapies

Professor Anthony Hollander and Dr John Tarlton

University of Bristol Programme
Spring 2004
April 5-6th

Grappling with the Glycome

Dr Malcolm Lyon and Dr Bob Lauder

University of Manchester Programme
Autumn 2003
September 18-19th

The Molecular Basis of Fibrotic Disease

Professor John Couchman and Dr Graham Riley. A special meeting to mark the retirement of Professor Roger Mason

Imperial College, London Programme
Spring 2003
March 31 - April 1st

ECM: from structure to function

Dr. Tony Day

St Catherine's College, Oxford Programme
Autumn 2001
September 3-4th

The Impact of Proteinases on Matrix Biology

Dr. Ian Clark

University of East Anglia, Norwich Programme
Spring 2001
April 2-3rd

Cellular and Molecular Mechanisms in Tissue Engineering

Professors Tim Hardingham & Cay Kielty

Hulme Hall
University of Manchester

Autumn 2000
September 11-12th

Cell-Cell and Cell Matrix Interactions in Connective Tissue Development Drs

N.McKie & M.A. Birch

Medical School University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne  
Spring 2000
April 3-4th

Molecular Cell Biology of the Synovial Joint

Dr Jay Dudhia &  Professor Mike Bayliss

The Royal Veterinary College, University of London