Meetings Support

The BSMB welcomes requests for the provision of financial support to activities organised by, and for the benefit of, BSMB members, which fall outside of the regular, biannual BSMB Meetings.

This may, for example, take the form of the sponsorship, or co-sponsorship, of small specialist meetings or workshops, that either stand alone or could be organised as satellite meetings of the Spring or Autumn Meetings.

Any such requests will need to be considered and approved at a meeting of the Executive Committee of the BSMB. It is therefore imperative that all such requests are received well in advance of the prospective date for such activities, especially if a satellite meeting is being considered.

We therefore suggest that any such approach be made preferably at least nine months in advance, in order for it to be given full and proper consideration.

It is recommended that initial contact be made with the Secretary of the Society, with whom a preliminary discussion of the BSMB’s possible involvement can be had.