The Grey Area: Age and the Extracellular Matrix

BSMB Chester 2016Photograph copyright Alistair & Jan Campbell, UK City Images

The BSMB Spring 2016 meeting “The Grey Area: Age and the Extracellular Matrix” sponsored by the Biochemical Society, was held in Chester on Monday 4th and Tuesday 5th April 2016. The main meeting organiser was Dr Simon Tew, assisted by Dr Mandy Peffers, Dr Kevin Hamill and Professor Eithne Comerford.

The meeting brought together scientists from across the matrix biology and ageing fields and provided a forum for multidisciplinary discussion on the effects of age and the extracellular matrix and the processes involved in age-related pathologies that affect extracellular matrices.

The invited international speakers were Prof Helen Birch, Dr Elizabeth Laird, Prof Amanda Fosang, Prof Gordon Lithgow, Prof Richard Loeser, Prof Charlotte Peterson, Dr Mike Sherratt and Dr Sara Wickström.

The conference was held at  Chester University’s city campus, which is located close to Chester city centre.

Final Programme