MBE & ASMB Bursaries

Matrix Biology Europe (MBE) and American Society for Matrix Biology (ASMB) meetings are held every two years, and BSMB members are encouraged to attend.

  • Applicants should have been a member of the BSMB for at least 6 calendar months prior to the opening (first day) of the meeting
  • Applicants must have attended one or more BSMB meetings
  • Applicants should be non-tenured scientists, preferably at the early stages of their career (ie PhD students or up to 6 years post-doc)
  • Applicants must be contributing a poster or a talk
  • Applicants must participate (ideally together with other bursary recipients) in producing the written report of the conference for posting on the BSMB website. Reports should be submitted within 1 month of the end of the conference. Examples of previous reports are available on the Articles and Reports Pages
  • No applicant will receive more than three of these awards

Bursaries will only be considered if they are submitted on a current EuMB/ASMB bursary form

Applications should be sent to Qing-Jun Meng, Chair of the BSMB Bursary Committee

The application should be accompanied by a copy of the abstract to be presented at the meeting and a one page curriculum vitae. Applicants may use the enclosed pro-forma CV.

The work described in the abstract must be novel and of a quality that would reflect well as a BSMB-supported contribution. The amount of the award depends on the location of the meeting, and will be up to £500 for FECTS meetings and £600 for ASMB meetings.

The deadline for receipt of bursary applications will normally be 6 months before the meeting opens. The applications will be reviewed rapidly by the Committee and applicants will be informed of the outcome in advance of the meeting registration deadline. Bursaries will be paid by the Society Treasurer once the report of the meeting has been received. Proof of registration and travel costs must also be provided.